We offer puncture repairs if its legal and safe to do so, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

If your tyre is in good condition and you would benefit from tyre rotation, we can carry this out for you, helping to maximise the wear on your tyres.

Worried about your tread depth, the legal limit is 1.6mm. If you are unsure, just call in, any of our technicians will check your tyres, give you the verdict and even offer a quotation.

All our tyre prices include VAT, new valve, balance, fitting and disposal of your old tyre (responsibly).

4 Wheel Alignment

Your wheel alignment can be knocked out by all sorts of road conditions, if left untreated you will have uneven tyre wear and increased fuel consumption.

Wheel alignment is one of the key tyre maintenance factors to ensure optimum performance.
Here at Motortune ltd, we offer state of the art 4 wheel camera alignment. We record the results and give you a print out for your records showing you before and after.